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portfolio calvarycentral

Calvary Central Maui

With a heart for God and for people, this local church on Maui offers a welcome place for all to join and worship.

Featuring a Youtube playlist sync along with an online giving platform, this project was a pleasure to work on.
portfolio pacific historic parks 1

Pacific Historic Parks

Featuring multiple instances of CMS systems which makes it much easier to input repetitive content. This streamlines workflow and minimizes moving parts.

Though we specialize in WordPress, we can work on all major platforms. In this case, the customer requested Wix since they already have team members who are comfortable with it.
portfolio tapia designs

Tapia Designs

With a rich tapestry of projects ranging from the luxury of private jets to the intimacy of home interiors, T+D’s portfolio is a testament to their philosophy: Listen. Design. Deliver.

We had the privilege of collaborating with T+D to redesign their website, showcasing their stunning work and the breadth of their expertise. The new site is a reflection of their dedication to excellence and their passion for design that resonates on a global scale.
Small business website design by Hawaii Web Solutions

Wai Swag

Wai Swag offers a unique collection inspired by our Hawaiian lifestyle and culture, and we’re proud to have helped bring their vision to the online world.

Here we have another ecommerce website that is set up to do all the legwork for online orders. It receives payments and automatically sends information to the third-party printers which fulfills orders.
portfolio 810richards

810 Richards

This project was a straightforward website featuring a membership portal for its occupants.

Built in 1967, this classic downtown commercial office tower offers a blend of office and retail spaces designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses.
Ecommerce website design - DC Inc

DC Inc

Over the past four decades, they have garnered a reputation for excellence and craftsmanship, supplying specialized goods nationally and now worldwide.

The ecommerce website features secure payments that have been integrated with their existing point of sale system, price adjustments for wholesalers, search engine optimization, local search optimization, and much more.
portfolio bangkokbikeadventure

Bangkok Bike Adventure

This bike tour company was due for a new website. The previous site was at the end of its lifecycle, having outdated custom development, as well as broken links and pages. Third-party integration for tour booking and payment was also required on this project.

We successfully upgraded the overall customer response web design and soap performance.
portfolio stephens

St. Stephens Episcopal

We worked with this historic church to redesign their exiting website from scratch. Additionally, we added a blog with an email marketing component to it that notifies all subscribers when a new blog post goes live.
Lead generation web design - Hiraya Detailing

Hiraya Detailing

This lead generation website was a re-design from a previous design on the Square platform. We enjoyed making platform, migration, smooth, and simple. Overall, the end product was improved in design function and performance. On top of all of this, the monthly costs were reduced by 40%.

Hiraya detailing is a local owned company providing automotive detailing services with exceptional results.
eCommerce Web Design Portfolio - SandBuffalo Redesign

SandBuffalo 2.0

This eCommerce website was re-designed and developed by Hawaii Web Solutions, featuring an online store with a safe, secure, and simple gateway. It is integrative with a printing company for drop shipping. It also features a front-end dashboard for customers to manage orders, payment information, and more.
portfolio demoreelhawaii

Demoreel Hawaii

Demoreel Hawaii website is a public listing platform exclusively dedicated to showcasing the talents of actors and actresses in Hawaii. This platform allows individuals in the entertainment industry to create profiles, share their portfolios, and connect with industry professionals and opportunities.

The website collects subscription payments, allows manual advertisements, and implements a private way for visitors to contact members.
Web design portfolio - Hawa E-Bikes

Hawa E-Bikes

Hawa E-Bikes, a leader in e-bike rentals, tours, and accessories, partnered with Hawaii Web Solutions to create a seamless online experience. Integrating Booqable for rentals, WooCommerce for sales, and Fareharbor for tours, the collaboration resulted in an innovative website.

Discover adventure and sustainability at its finest on the Hawa E-Bikes website.
eCommerce Web Design - small business web design - Portfolio - Hawaii Local Connection Tours

Hawaii Local Connection Tours

HLC Tours is a local owned and family owned tour company on the Big Island of Hawaii. They offer all kinds of tours from sightseeing tours to guided hunting tours.

Our team worked closely with the owner to bring his vision to life. This eCommerce website required a fully equipped booking system that can schedule tours for an impressive spread of options. It also required SEO and Ad optimization for maximum effectiveness.
eCommerce Web Design Portfolio - SandBuffalo


This eCommerce website was designed and developed by Hawaii Web Solutions, featuring an online store with a safe, secure, and simple gateway. It also features a front-end dashboard for customers to manage orders, payment information, and more.

Additionally it was integrated with the desired 3rd party service that SandBuffalo uses for a seemless workflow.
Web Design Portfolio - Huliamahi Athletics

Huliamahi Athletics

The eCommerce website was designed and developed by Hawaii Web Solutions, featuring an online event ticket system that allows customers to purchase tickets directly on the website. Our team worked closely with Huliamahi Athletics to create a seamless user experience that reflects the brand’s personality and meets the needs of their customers.

Website design that’s attractive and focuses on your customers’ needs.

Great website design is characterized by a combination of elements that work together seamlessly to create an optimal user experience. One of the most important aspects of website design is user experience (UX), which involves ensuring that the website is easy to navigate, with a clear and logical structure, and intuitive interface. This means organizing content in a way that is easy to find and understand, and ensuring that links and buttons are placed in a logical and easy-to-use way.

Another key factor in great website design is visual appeal. This involves using appropriate color schemes, fonts, and images to create an aesthetically pleasing website that captures users’ attention and encourages them to engage with the content. Responsiveness is also important, meaning that the website is optimized for different devices and screen sizes, ensuring that users can access the website on their preferred device.

Overall, good website design is about creating a website that is easy to use, visually appealing, and optimized for different devices, ultimately providing a positive user experience. Consequently this also produces better ranking with search engines like google.

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